Abdominal muscles position GAB300 Body-Solid | bends while sitting


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Model: GAB300

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Abdominal muscles position GAB300 Body-Solid | conducting effective training for straight and oblique abdominals, regardless of the level of fitness and training of the exercising person.

The GAB300 Body-Solid | abdominal muscles position forces the torso and legs to work synchronously. Thanks to this phenomenon, we will achieve the best training results and effectively strengthen the abdominal and back muscles.

An additional advantage of the Body-Solid GAB300 device is the ability to adjust the training load by adding or subtracting the loads that are used for exercises with the bar. The load system used in this product is very functional and convenient in practical use.

Abdominal muscles position GAB300 Body-Solid | offers the ability to adapt to the user's changing fitness needs. The GAB300 provides effective training for both beginners and advanced users. For beginners, the counterweight option helps to master movement during exercise. As your abdominal strength increases, you can increase the resistance by adding weights for a productive and demanding training, limited only by your own increasing endurance and strength.


  • extremely effective isolation of muscles in the abdominal region and their effective training
  • the seat is tilted at an angle that allows you to achieve the best training results
  • Olympic load pin with a diameter of ø50 mm
  • seat adjustment to obtain the optimal position - 5 positions
  • height adjustment of upper backrest handles - 5 positions
  • adjustment of the distance of the leg supports is a guarantee of adjusting the device to the needs of all users | 4 positions

The Body-Solid stand is designed for:

  • gyms in hotels and motels
  • gyms in residential complexes, apartments
  • gyms in fire departments
  • gyms in police departments
  • gyms in junior high schools, schools, dormitories
  • gyms in rehabilitation clinics
  • gyms in SPA centers
  • gyms in companies and offices

Technical data:

  • steel support frame | section 50 x 76 mm | wall thickness 3 mm
  • length | 175.3 cm
  • width | 86.4 cm
  • height | 132.1 cm
  • weight approx | 45.4 kg

The offer is not valid for encumbrances.


Specific References


Instrukcja montażu GAB300

Instrukcja montażu stanowiska treningowego na mięśnie brzucha Body-Solid GAB300

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Abdominal muscles position GAB300 Body-Solid | bends while sitting

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