Atlas Free Loads GLGS100P4 Body-Solid Corner Leverage Gym | Red


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Body-Solid GFID100 multifunction Roman bench| ID:9089 by BodySolid | Image #1
Body-Solid GFID100 multifunction Roman bench
1,640.00 zł
x 1
GLGS100 Body-Solid Corner Leverage Gym free load stand | rope lift| ID:9091 by BodySolid | Image #1
GLGS100 Body-Solid Corner Leverage Gym free load stand | rope lift
6,250.00 zł
x 1
7,716.00 zł
7,599.00 zł

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model: GLGS100P4

Atlas free load GLGS100P4 Body-Solid | was designed for people who need a multifunctional workstation that carries heavy loads and takes up a minimum amount of space.

Atlas free load GLGS100P4 Body-Solid | thanks to a well-thought-out design, it enables exercise and training of all muscle groups.

Atlas free load GLGS100P4 Body-Solid | It consists of two basic elements, a multi-functional (Roman) bench and a multi-functional station with load holders, arms and a rope. The atlas has Olympic weight holders with a diameter of 51 mm. Free loads mean that the multi-gym does not have a limited stack of loads and has a greater ability to adjust the appropriate load.

Top and bottom lift

The station allows you to exercise your shoulder and back muscles with the upper and lower pulley. During exercises on the upper lift, sitting on a Roman bench, the thigh cushions adjust to the position of the exerciser, ensuring the comfort of the exercise. The detent bar ensures the correct positioning of the arms and wrists within the entire range of motion. By positioning your arm up using the bar, you can safely exercise squats using heavy weights.

Pressing the chest, shoulders and legs

Work your chest muscles with a negative slant bench press in a horizontal position with a positive slant. By setting the backrest of the training bench in a vertical position, you can train your shoulder muscles.

Attachments and hooks

By using various types of attachments, grips, you increase the possibilities of using the upper and lower lift. Depending on the type of attachment, you can exercise your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

Multifunctional bench - Roman

The multifunctional Roman bench allows for 8 levels of backrest settings, depending on the exercise. Comfortable leg holders adjust to the position of the exercising person. They provide stability and a high level of comfort when exercising the abdominal muscles or blocking the legs while pulling down the upper bar. Transport wheels allow you to easily move the bench.

Technical data:

Shank diameter: 50 mm
Station dimensions (H x W x L): 211 x 170 x 175 cm
Bench dimensions: (H x W x L) 48.3 x 71 x 176 cm
Dimensions of the station with the bench: 241 x 170 x 211 cm

Weight about 112 kg

The offer does not include weights, bars and dumbbells.


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Przykładowe ćwiczenia GLGS100P4

Zdjęcia z przykładowymi ćwiczeniami na atlasie Body-Solid GLGS100P4

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Atlas Free Loads GLGS100P4 Body-Solid Corner Leverage Gym | Red

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