ATX® HRX-750 Half Rack Training Gate height 225cm


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Model: ATX-HRX-750

Professional Half Rack ATX® HRX-750 type training gate | 700 series.

Massive load poles with 35 height adjustment holes (holes with laser cut numbers inside and outside the profile) ensure accurate and fast bi-directional positioning of J-hooks, safety arms and other optional accessories. Additional transverse holes in the lower beams allow the installation of pins for attaching power band resistance bands.

Thanks to the compact design, Half Rack 750 offers the user high-quality training equipment in the smallest space, while guaranteeing a safe training session. Due to its massive structure with additionally reinforced gusset plates and 20 mm and 12 mm thick connecting bolts, the HRX-750 door is completely twist-resistant even under maximum loads.

The total load capacity is 500 kg, which underlines the exceptionally solid structure of this sports equipment. ATX® 700 Series doors guarantee reliable stability and safety thanks to the large load reserve! Incidentally, all ATX® gates are tested not only for total load capacity, but also for continuous load against material fatigue and of course have a safety certificate!

Like all ATX® gates, the Half Rack HRX-750 is manufactured using state-of-the-art fully automatic laser cutting and robot welding technology, ensuring first-class workmanship and accuracy of fit.

The Half Rack ATX-HRX-750 gate has been specially designed for professional use in gyms, fitness clubs, but also in private gyms. A very durable structure, simple structure and high quality of the materials used make the device extremely appreciated by professionals.

The ATX® Half Rack HRX-750 training gate is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and certified in accordance with EN 20957 I.II.IV in class S - professional sports equipment.


  • free-standing structure, very stable
  • resistant to torsional forces even when fully loaded
  • stable structure made of 70 x 70 x 3 mm steel profiles with reinforced gusset plates
  • permissible total load - up to 500 kg
  • 35-fold perforation of vertical posts with position scaling for precise and quick positioning of J-hooks and safety supports
  • pull-up bar with multi grips
  • the lower structural beams have perforations that will allow the installation of pins for attaching power band resistance tapes
  • rubber ends of steel profiles that protect the floor against damage
  • possibility of extension with additional equipment

Technical data:

  • width 123 cm
  • length 152 cm
  • height 225 cm
  • weight about 76.6 kg
  • permissible load of 500 kg
  • multi grip pull-up bar
  • the length of the gripping part of the bar must be at least 125 cm
  • frame profile 70 x 70 mm with a thickness of 3 mm

The offer does not include J-hooks, safety supports, pins for power band tapes.

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ATX® HRX-750 Half Rack Training Gate height 225cm

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