ATX® PRX-750-SET-100 Power Rack training cage


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ATX® PRX-750-CFG training cage | Modular Power Rack System| ID:3320 by ATX® | Image #1
ATX® PRX-750-CFG training cage | Modular Power Rack System
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ATX® FDSS-70 Safety Props for beams | Flip Down Spotter 7/70| ID:5777 by ATX® | Image #1
ATX® FDSS-70 Safety Props for beams | Flip Down Spotter 7/70
599.95 zł
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ATX® PRX-750-PUL-1 Multi Grip | for pull-ups| ID:8884 by ATX® | Image #1
ATX® PRX-750-PUL-1 Multi Grip | for pull-ups
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model: ATX-PRX-750-SET-100

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ATX® Training Cage PRX-750-SET-100 Power Rack | is a massive structure based on steel profiles 70 x 70 x 3 mm and is equipped with:

  • a pair of massive J-hooks for storing the barbell
  • a pair of safety supports
  • pull-up bar with multi-functional grips

ATX® Training Cage PRX-750-SET-100 Power Rack | is an exceptionally stable structure thanks to its large overall dimensions | width 123 cm, depth 178 cm. Offers the user a spacious interior for maximum freedom of movement. The 224.5 cm high training cage provides optimal parameters for using the functionality of a pull-up bar with Multi Grip grips.

Thanks to many innovative design solutions, this training station has a permissible load of up to 1500 kg.

The ATX® PRX-750-SET-100 training cage is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and certified in accordance with EN 20957 I.II.IV in class S

The Power Rack offers high load capacity, first-class workmanship, maximum safety and excellent functionality. A training cage with a unique structure signed with the ATX® logo with the maximum strength value is characterized by a price unique in this class compared to its performance!

The vertical structural poles of the Power Rack cage can be screwed to the horizontal beams of the base at 10 different points, which allows you to adjust the functionality of the cage to your needs. The posts have holes (35 holes) with permanent numerals on the inside and outside, enabling accurate and quick positioning of J-hooks and safety supports at the correct height. Additional perforations in the floor beams allow the installation of training pins with power band resistance tapes. Rubberized feet protect the floor and prevent the whole structure from sliding on the floor.

Like all ATX® cages, the Power Rack PRX-750-SET-100 is manufactured using state-of-the-art fully automatic laser cutting and robot welding technology, ensuring first-class workmanship and accuracy of fit. These values stand for uncompromising ATX® quality and guarantee a first-class and long-lasting high-quality product!


  • structure with a height of 224.5 cm
  • stable construction resistant to torsional forces, even when fully loaded
  • stable structure made of 70 x 70 x 3 mm steel profiles with reinforced gusset plates
  • permissible total load - up to 1500 kg
  • 35-fold perforation of vertical posts with position scaling for precise and quick positioning of J-hooks and safety supports
  • J-hooks for barbells as standard equipment
  • J-hook hooks are made of a 10 mm thick steel profile with 10 mm thick rubber bumpers that protect the barbell and minimize noise
  • safety supports as standard equipment
  • Safety Spotter safety props with a reinforced structure and a layer of protective rubber
  • Multi Grip Ø27 mm chin-up bar with multi-functional grips and a Fat Bar ∅42.5 mm grip
  • the lower structural beams have perforations that will allow the installation of pins for attaching power band resistance tapes
  • rubber ends of steel profiles that protect the floor against damage
  • high curb weight - 148 kg
  • possibility of extension with additional equipment

Technical data:

  • length: 178 cm
  • width: 123 cm
  • in height Net: 224.5 cm
  • permissible load 1500 kg
  • weight about 148 kg

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ATX® PRX-750-SET-100 Power Rack training cage

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