ATX® SQM-650 Vertical Squat Press | free loads


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Model: ATX-SQM-650

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ATX® SQM-650 training station Designed to safely perform heavy-duty squats without a person to belay.

The platform for the legs has been profiled to a position that slightly tilts the body back during exercise, which causes less strain on the spine.

Pillows mounted on the shoulder stabilize the position, keeping the body in the right position.

During exercises with heavy loads and lack of strength, we can freely lower the arm and get out from under it. Such a system allows for safe training with any load during individual training and without belaying.

Load holders allow for a quick change without looking for loads unnecessarily. Mounted exercise resistance rubber grips will increase exercise performance by increasing muscle tension in full motion.

The ATX SQM-650 Squat-Calf Machine vertical slow-load squat press is certified class H in accordance with the EN20957 I, II, IV standard.

Advantages: klubfitness .pl / img / cms / atx / atxsqm650 / ATX-SQM-650_suwnica_pionowa_d3.png "alt =" Vertical press for squats ATX-SQM-650 | dimensions "style =" float: right; margin: 20px; "width =" 350 "height =" 356 "/>

  • a stable and possibly safe position when performing the squats
  • setting the safety lock "BELAY STOP" in two positions
  • One-handed Start-Stop system lock
  • setting the leg plate in two positions - subjecting the muscles to various training stimuli
  • handles for attaching power band resistance rubbers
  • press arm mounted on ball bearings

Technical data:

  • main frame profile: 75 x 75 mm
  • diameter of load holders: 30 mm / 50 mm with the use of an adapter (additional option)
  • permissible load of 200 kg
  • length: 146 cm
  • width: 114 cm
  • height: 144 cm
  • weight about 89 kg

The offer does not include loads, power bands or reducers.

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ATX® SQM-650 Vertical Squat Press | free loads

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