ATX® SQS-750 Free Stand Rack | under the barbell with supports


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Model: ATX-SQS-750

Professional Free Stand Racks with adjustable safety supports ATX® SQS-750 will meet the expectations of the most demanding.

The strong and stable structure of the Free Stand Rack ATX-SQS-750 is prepared for intensive training in professional gyms, fitness clubs, gyms and home gyms.

Free Stand Rack ATX® SQS-750 are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards. They are certified in accordance with EN 20957 I.II.IV in class S - professional sports equipment


  • extremely durable construction, ideal for a professional gym
  • very stable , compact, flexible and easy to use
  • solid steel main frame made of a profile with a cross-section of 75 x 75 x 3.0 mm
  • main frame and powder coated handles
  • high stability due to its weight of about 26 kg / stand (stability can be increased by using load-holding pins on the rear beam)
  • 14- step height adjustment of the barbell grips with a step of 5 cm, (the markings of the adjustment degrees are engraved with the use of laser technology)
  • barbell grips adjustment range: 95.5 ÷ 160.5 cm
  • height locking pins of the handles made of solid steel with a diameter of ∅20 mm with magnetic properties
  • safety supports 33 cm wide and height adjustable in 9 positions
  • safety supports adjustment range: 56 ÷ 80 cm
  • the safety supports are equipped with rubber pads
  • two steel pins for storing loads, each 26 cm long and ∅30 mm in diameter
  • the possibility of joining the stands with each other with the use of a rear beam, which is an additional option
  • rubber ends of steel profiles that protect the floor against damage
  • Barbell grips with durable rubber coating to protect the barbell and minimize noise
  • Spacing width can be adjusted individually
  • total permissible load 400 kg / pair
  • perfect for bench press, squats and barbell exercises

The offer does not include bars, weights or a training bench.

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ATX® SQS-750 Free Stand Rack | under the barbell with supports

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