Body-Solid GPR370 Multi-Press Rack | under the barbell with supports


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model: GPR370

Body-Solid GPR370 Multi-Press Rack | under the barbell is an indispensable tool for safe and effective strength training.

Training with free weights is most effective when the user feels safe enough to use heavy weights and improve their skills. Body-Solid has created stands that will allow you to maximize your potential and skills. The professional Body-Solid GPR370 Multi-Press Rack is the right training device that will be the right partner for intense strength training with maximum loads.

Traditional barbell stands are an ideal solution during training with the use of the bar with weights. Whether bench press or squats, these extra-strong and absolutely durable stands will not disappoint.

The GPR370 is a solid structure with vertical poles inclined by 7 °. This specific design solution makes the line of vertical poles coincide with the natural line of your body that arises when you lift your body. Body line when lifted and the poles are exactly where you expect them. Therefore, putting away a loaded barbell is always convenient and predictable.

Body-Solid GPR370 Multi-Press Rack | We also recommend it for use in rooms with low ceilings where training stations such as Half Rack or Power Rack cannot be used. With the maximum height of the stands of 188 cm, there should be no problems with the practical use of them in low rooms.


  • extremely durable construction, ideal for a professional gym

  • very stable, compact, flexible and easy to use

  • solid frame made of steel profile 75 x 50 mm

  • powder coated steel structure

  • high stability due to its weight - about 63 kg

  • 4 integrated pins for storing Olympic loads

  • height adjustment of the safety supports

  • total permissible load 450 kg

  • perfect for bench press, squats and barbell exercises

Technical data:

  • length: 114.3 cm
  • width: 162.6 cm
  • height: 188 cm
  • weight about 63 kg

The offer does not include bars, weights or a bench.


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Body-Solid GPR370 Multi-Press Rack | under the barbell with supports

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