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Model: GS348Q

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The Body-Solid GS348Q Gate of the Smith Series 7 Gantry allows natural upper and lower body movements for maximum muscle interaction (not available on a traditional Smith machine).

User safety is ensured by 20 transverse locking points. They are accessible by simply turning the bar 15 °, which eliminates the need for a spotter.

For exercises that require free movement, a 14-position gate with 17-inch additional safety supports is available. The station is also angled at 7 ° for convenient take-off points.

The Body-Solid GS348Q gate of the Smith Series 7 gantry is a product of advanced biomechanical design, excellent structural engineering and meticulous quality standards. This is a collection of the best benefits that the positions have to offer:

  • Smith Machine
  • Half-Cage
  • Multi-station Gyms

The quality of the GS348Q door is confirmed by the manufacturer's warranty - Body-Solid.

  • the gate is naturally inclined by an angle of 7 ° for better and comfortable exercise.
  • stand with 14 bar holders
  • Smith's crane equipped with 20 handles that will ensure safe training in any situation
  • the gate is equipped with 6 pins for storing Olympic plates
  • high quality olympic bar mounted in Smith's crane. The griffin weighs 11 kg
  • two supports to put the bar down safely. The supports are 43 cm long and will carry a load of 450 kg
  • high-quality structural steel, which guarantees high product quality
  • the gate is made of steel profiles with dimensions of 5x7.6 cm
  • the gate is intended for use in a home gym and commercial gym

Technical data:

  • length: 142.2 cm
  • width: 175.4 cm
  • height: 210.8 cm
  • weight about 125.2 kg
  • permissible load: 450 kg

The offer does not include weights, bars, and benches.


Specific References


Instrukcja montażu GS348Q

Instrukcja montażu suwnicy Smith'a Body-Solid GS348Q

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Body-Solid GS348Q Gate Smith's Gantry | safety props

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