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Model: CE800

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CE800 Spirit Fitness Elliptical Trainer | designed with commercial applications in mind, also bearing in mind to ensure a high level of comfort and the appropriate comfort of training. It is also important that the CE800 Spirit Fitness elliptical cross trainer is reliable and aesthetic at the same time. High-quality materials have been used in the construction of this device, and its main frame is made of high-quality steel, which is protected with a layer of paint applied in the electrostatic painting process.

Advantages of the CE800 trainer

  • Optimally selected stride length, which allows for a complete training by an adult.
  • The step length is fixed at 50.8 cm.
  • The trainer works smoothly even during dynamic training and maximum load values.
  • Each pedal is equipped with double rollers that run on rails made of a material with a low friction coefficient. This solution improves the stability of the entire device, which is important during dynamic training.
  • The rollers that move on the rails have been additionally protected with a cover.
  • The trainer is equipped with a generator power system, which eliminates the need for power supply from the mains.
  • Both pedals are tilted by 2º by this angle, forcing the person exercising the correct posture of the whole body.
  • 40 levels of resistance adjustment allow you to carry out exercises with low loads, as well as obtain high load values, which is created thanks to the modern inductive braking system.
  • The induction braking system is very precise (high level of repeatability of the loads obtained) and durable (failure-free).
  • 13.5 kg flywheel integrated with the generator.
  • A / V compatible C-Safe port that allows you to run a virtual race using the WebRacing® software (not included).

CE800 Spirit Fitness Elliptical Trainer | is one of the best commercial products in the price range up to PLN 13,000.

This product meets all the requirements that ellipticals should meet, and the use of modern technological and design solutions confirms that it is a high-class device.

With any product, the user interface is very important. Spirt Fitness paid attention to functionality, comfort and equipped its product with a drink holder, keys as well as an MP3 player, ergonomic handles with touch sensors, a multi-stage fan built into the console to improve the quality of training.

Just press a button and the user is already exercising using many specialized training programs. A large and readable console constantly informs the user about training parameters.

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CE800 Spirit Fitness Elliptical Trainer | induction generator

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