INFINITI R-200 electro-magnetic rowing machine with air resistance


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Model: R-200


The presented Infiniti rowing machine model R-200 is a professional training device, which is adapted to use in commercial sports clubs, gyms, hotels, school gyms, etc., and its quality is confirmed in the EN-957 class S standard (professional equipment). .
In terms of quality, the Infiniti R-200 meets all the requirements of a professional equipment, and the massive structure of the mainframe guarantees "power and strength".
The Infiniti R-200 will allow you to carry out a full-fledged club-quality rowing training thanks to a precision drivetrain that is a compilation of air and electro-magnetic propulsion. The R-200 will prove to be an effective device during hard training with heavy loads, as well as during recreational training, where the automatic load adjustment system will allow you to precisely select the appropriate resistance of the oar when pulled out.

Rowing machine

The R-200 rowing machine is equipped with a multifunctional computer that informs the user about all the necessary parameters of the training, and the additional functionality in the form of predefined training programs allows you to conduct training in a repeatable manner. An additional advantage of the R-200 rowing machine is the possibility of measuring the pulse (wirelessly) using the telemetry belt, which is included in the set.


- usage class SA (in accordance with the EN957 standard)
- foldable

- air resistance system, electromagnetic

- permissible load of 170 kg

- load regulation in 16 ranges

- measurement of time, 500m time, distance, number of repetitions, number of repetitions per minute and hour, calories burned, Watt power, pulse

- race function

- 5 predefined programs

- 3 HRC heart rate controlled programs

- user program

- targeted program

- fitness checker

Product dimensions (L / W / H): 237/53/91 cm

Dimensions when folded: 107/53/173 cm

Product weight 53 kg

Additional equipment: telemetry belt for wireless heart rate measurement


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INFINITI R-200 electro-magnetic rowing machine with air resistance

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