Instructional exercises 3xDVD Jeanette Jenkins | collection


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INSTRUCTION EXERCISES 3xDVD Jeanette Jenkins | collection

Instructional exercises 3xDVD Jeanette Jenkins | The collection consists of 3 exercise programs:

  • Cardio | a training that combines intense effort to strengthen physical endurance and shape all muscle groups.
  • Slim thighs effortlessly | exercises that not only strengthen and shape the thigh muscles, but also model the appearance of the legs.
  • Astanga Yoga | a program containing stretching exercises to increase the flexibility of the tendons, hip joint, chest, arms and inner thigh muscles.

Instructional exercises 3xDVD Jeanette Jenkins | is a Hollywood celebrity trainer known for her comprehensive approach to exercise, results-oriented and motivating skills. On the NBC Today show He helps millions of women and men to lead a healthy lifestyle supported by interesting workouts. He has 18 certificates in the field of nutrition and various training methods. Her knowledge and ability to achieve results made her clients include Hollywood stars (Christina Applegate), professional athletes (American football star - Ty Law) and models (Amy Weber).

Get ready for over 2 hours of great fun and the results you dream about!

The exercises include:

  • training stretching and making the whole body more flexible
  • exercises to strengthen and shape the muscles of the thighs
  • leg modeling exercises

Astanga Yoga |

It strengthens and tones the muscles, slims the figure.
A set of exercises inspired by Astanga Yoga, consisting in performing a series of smoothly successive positions. We start with a 30-minute session that increases the body temperature and warms up the muscles, which allows you to optimize the range of motion. The second part of the program includes static stretching exercises to increase the flexibility of the tendons, hip joint, chest, arms, and inner thigh muscles.
The presented set of exercises strengthens and tones the muscles. It also helps you relax and find inner peace. Yoga is fun for the mind, body and soul!

Astanga Yoga:

  • increases flexibility
  • shapes a slender figure
  • allows you to reduce stress and live a healthy life

Cardio |

By training your abs, you can simultaneously strengthen the muscles in your legs, arms and buttocks. Lose unnecessary kilograms. Correct posture. And to increase the flexibility of the body.

There is nothing to wait for. Buy a CD and start training!

Jeanette Jenkins presents the most popular exercise program in Los Angeles, combining intense effort to strengthen the body while burning calories.

The program focuses on the key elements of fitness:

  • strengthening the muscles
  • increasing physical endurance
  • burning unnecessary fat tissue

The exercises have been carefully selected, so you are guaranteed maximum effect while saving your time.

Intensive effort to sculpt and strengthen the entire figure, effectively shape all muscle groups.

Cardio is an exercise program that the stars of world cinema and screen have liked.

Slim thighs |

Do you dream of slim, shapely thighs?

Meet the "Slim Thighs" program, which will provide you with strong and beautifully modeled, shapely legs!

Exercises will help you not only strengthen your muscles, but also shape the shape of your thighs. The program we suggest also works perfectly for the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen.

From now on, Janette Jenkins will be your private trainer. It will make you feel fit, strong, beautiful and full of energy. Regular training with Janette will ensure that you will always be able to shine in the company of great looks!


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Instructional exercises 3xDVD Jeanette Jenkins | collection

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