Machine with a stack of Body-Solid Pro-Dual DLAT-SF upper middle lift


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model: DLAT-SF

The Body Solid Pro Dual Top and Center Pull Machine is a key piece of exercise equipment that includes the Top Pull, Dumbbell Row, Center Pull, Armrest, T-bar, and properly positioned lanyards.

Body-Solid Pro Dual, the machine with top and side lift is constructed of high rollers directly above the head for optimal protection of the back and shoulders. A very long upper lift barbell allows for a wide, medium or narrow grip during exercise.

The machine with a lower and middle pull has separate lines for the upper and middle pull, so you don't have to switch them in any way. Adjustable support rollers add stability regardless of the weight of the exerciser. Gracefully curved frames made of elegant, powder-coated constructions display a modern, timeless look.

The machine with the Body Solid Pro Dual upper and middle lift is designed as part of a modular system that allows you to carry out strength training.

Having proprietary sports equipment awakens a very important aspect of strength training: the motivation that will lead you to sculpt your body in its final shape, and you will have the tool to lose unwanted pounds and convert them into uniform muscle mass. You will increase your endurance and achieve results with every repetition.

The Body Solid Pro Dual with Lower and Mid Lug has the features you want at a price you can afford. First of all, the pleasure of training will provide you with unlimited freedom of movement and awareness of exercising on the latest engineering and design equipment.

Stack weight: 95 kg with the possibility of increasing to 140 kg

Technical specification of the DLAT-SF model

  • Dimensions 84 cm wide x 173 cm long x 211 cm high

  • A design solution that eliminates the need to switch lifts when changing exercises, without the need to attach, disconnect or change lines,

  • The over-sized 9 inch blocking rollers can be easily adjusted to ensure stability during even intense training,

  • The non-slip foot buckle and extra-long seat cushion provide stability and support for the mid-pulley exercise

  • The lines are hidden in the frame, so they do not get in the way when the lifts are not in use

  • Includes 94 kg stack, expandable to 140 kg,

  • Works as a modular Pro Dual element with the possibility of increasing the number of stacks to 3 or 4 (additional positions),

  • Uniformly Welded Factory Mounted Load Frame

  • Pulleys with nylon lines reinforced with glass fiber, ideally suited to the diameter of the line - pulleys rotating on ball bearings do not require maintenance,

  • Electrostatic powder coating of the frame, which makes it resistant to corrosion, cracks, chipping and easy cleaning

  • Durable upholstery by DuraFirm filled with 5 cm of very dense foam,

  • High-quality dense rubber on the handles

  • Factory tested, sealed bearings at all moving points

  • A steel structure made of three layers of steel.

Product available on request.


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Instrukcja montażu DLAT-SF

Instrukcja montażu maszyny ze stosem obciążeń Body-Solid DLAT-SF

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Machine with a stack of Body-Solid Pro-Dual DLAT-SF upper middle lift

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