Maxxus TPU load 25kg urethane 50mm


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weight: 25.0 kg

Maxxus TPU load 25kg | high-quality polyurethane mixture is characterized by an optimal degree of hardness while maintaining flexibility.

Maxxus TPU load 25kg | PU urethane coating has an extremely high resistance to mechanical damage. It is characterized by high resistance to impact, abrasion, scratching or peeling.


  • steel covered with high-quality urethane coating
  • urethane coating | very durable, highly resistant to abrasion, scratching, shock and non-fading
  • high resistance to mechanical damage
  • ergonomic handles for easy transport and useful during exercise
  • urethane rubber is completely odorless
  • smooth and uniform surface

Technical data:

  • outer diameter | ∅440 mm
  • thickness | 44 mm
  • inside diameter | ∅50.7 mm
  • weight | 25.0 kg

Advantages of urethane rubber coating
Plates with a PU urethane coating offer a significant advantage over cast iron platters with a rubberized coating. Some of the main advantages of urethane coated plates are:
  • better protection of the plates against minor scratches and bumps during everyday use. Urethane is much more scratch resistant than powder coating.
  • better protection of the discs as a whole against accidental falls or other impacts. Urethane is far superior to steel at absorbing vibration and shock.
  • greater noise reduction. Urethane plates virtually eliminate most of the noise during use and carrying and putting on / taking off the bar.
  • full rust resistance. The entire urethane coated part of the weight block just won't rust. Conversely, if the powder coating of the steel plates is scratched or chipped, the exposed steel will begin to rust.

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Maxxus TPU load 25kg urethane 50mm

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