Multi-functional multi-gym Body-Solid G10B | stacks of loads 2x95kg


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Model: G10B

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Bi-Angular Press Arms | are the arms for stuffing the G10B multi-gym, which give you the opportunity to perform a natural and optimal (precise) exercise by applying resistance in two directions.
This smooth, fluid, multi-directional resistance system automatically produces 25% more muscle interactions, eliminating the possibility of them resting.

Leg Station | The Body-Solid G10B multi-purpose multi-gym is equipped with a leg muscles training station.
This device allows for effective muscle training by straightening or bending the legs. This station is attached to one of the load stacks, and thus it is possible to perform exercises independently of other users of the atlas.
Working your legs has never been as fast and effective as it is now - the two most important leg exercises can be performed in one comfortable position. The fully adjustable instrument positioning (cam wheel) provides easy access for all users, regardless of their height, and allows you to quickly change the operation of the instrument from straightening to flexing. Fully adjustable backrest with an ergonomic shape allows for a precise and precise exercise.

Perfect Pec | Multifunctional multi-gym Body-Solid G10B equipped with rotating arms with the possibility of moving one or both arms. In this way, you can get the maximum stretch and perform a precise exercise that will strengthen the muscles of your upper body.

Equipped with double variable resistance cams, the G10B allows the arms to operate independently, ensuring the correct resistance to each of the arms.

G10B has an adjustable seat height, which ensures correct positioning of the shoulders and elbows of the exercising person, regardless of their height.

Technical data:
  • length: 182.9 cm
  • width: 302.3 cm
  • height: 212.1 cm
  • two stacks of loads weighing 95 kg each
  • possibility of expanding stacks up to 118 kg each (additional option)
  • weight about 422 kg

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Instrukcja montażu G10B

Instrukcja montażu atlasu treningowego Body-Solid G10B

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Multi-functional multi-gym Body-Solid G10B | stacks of loads 2x95kg

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