RHE-II ATX® buttocks ridge position | Reverse Hyper Extension II | on slow loads


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Expansion option | Reverse Hyper Extension II ATX®

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Independent free-load training station for comprehensive training of the back muscles and glutes.

ATX® Hyper Extension is an effective training device that can be used in competitive sports, as well as in prophylaxis and rehabilitation. Due to the design and the associated exercises, the muscles of the lower back and gluteal muscles are subjected to concentric and eccentric loads. The exercise gently expands and decompresses the spine in the lower part, which relieves the intervertebral discs (intervertebral disc - disc). In addition to strengthening the muscles and ligaments, as well as increasing blood circulation in the muscles, an increased supply of cerebrospinal fluid is also stimulated.

The ATX-RHE-II machine has a class S certificate issued on the basis of the EN20957 I, II, IV standard. It can be used in professional gyms, all types of gyms, schools, fitness clubs, etc.


  • steel structure with high strength and stability even under heavy loads
  • compact design that takes up a small area
  • main frame made of steel profiles 80x80 mm
  • comfortable and safe use
  • suitable for rehabilitation, fitness and strength training
  • comfortable, large and wide backrest finished with upholstered artificial leather with a soft base
  • Hand grips with adjustable 6-position length and laser-marked position markers
  • design and adjustments allow you to adjust to body size or preferential posture
  • movable levers are equipped with ball bearings
  • load spindles have a diameter of 50 mm and a length of 20 cm each
  • The load-bearing spindle assembly can be adjusted to 4 different heights
  • non-slip risers that make it easier to take the correct position on the device
  • as an option, the machine can be equipped with spindles (mounted on the sides of the machine) to store loads directly on it

Attention !!

The ATX-RHE-II stand accessories described below are additional products that must be ordered separately.
The hitch strap and / or roller supports are necessary equipment to take advantage of the functionality of the Reverse Hyper Extension machine. We also recommend the use of clamps to prevent the load from sliding off the studs.

ATX® Belt Strap - for feet

  • - solid and durable structure
  • - easy and quick operation
  • - compatible with other Reverse Hyper Extension devices
  • - length: approximately 136 cm
  • - width: approx. 8 cm / 12 cm
  • - load resistance: up to 400 kg
  • - weight: approx. 1 kg

ATX ® Roller Support

  • - new compact design with reduced own weight
  • - fits the hitch on the Hyper Extension II (ATX-RHE-II) machine
  • - 3 levels of regulation
  • - connection and disconnection is easy and quick
  • - length: 46 cm
  • - width: 51 cm
  • - height: 22 cm
  • - weight: 8.5 kg

Technical data of the ATX-RHE-II stand:

  • width: 105 cm
  • length: 140 - 163 cm
  • height: 126 cm
  • weight: about 127 kg
  • permissible load: 350 kg

The offer does not include weights, dumbbells, reducers, supports and handles.

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RHE-II ATX® buttocks ridge position | Reverse Hyper Extension II | on slow loads

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