Roller roller Ø14x33cm ProRoll PR-1433 two-piece for massage


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Model: PR-1433

Roller - roller Ø14x33cm ProRoll PR-1433 | for self-massage, which helps to regenerate muscles quickly after physical exertion.

Roller - roller Ø14x33cm ProRoll PR-1433 | is a professional and effective tool for self-massage at home or in a fitness club. ProRoll allows for the regeneration and relaxation of the connective tissue of the fibrous collagen network. It was created to relax tense muscles and improve motor coordination. With its use, you can not only improve your condition, but also effectively model your body shape.

Roller - roller Ø14x33cm ProRoll PR-1433 | made of high-quality material that guarantees comfort and convenience during exercise. It is resistant to abrasion and does not absorb moisture. The biggest advantage is water resistance and a structure that provides protection against dirt and bacteria.


  • professional F-roll with an outer diameter :

large roller | Ø14 cm

small roller | ø6 cm

  • total length | 33 cm

  • with a fine rough surface

  • excellent stability with adequate hardness

  • does not absorb sweat

  • easy to clean

  • material | EPP material

  • permissible load | 250 kg

  • weight approx | 0.17 kg

Self-massage is performed with the help of body weight, it is easy to learn for beginners.
The roller can be used for a complete body massage. The effects of the exercises are immediate, the intensity is individually regulated by the weight of the exercising person.

Exercise effects:

  • relaxes the muscles

  • relieves tension and muscle spasms

  • gentle for an intense massage

  • improves muscle regeneration

  • increase muscle performance

  • prevents muscle pain

  • improves mobility

  • improves blood circulation

  • for the prevention of injuries


  • skin-friendly

  • resistant to moisture

  • easy to clean

  • hygienic

  • durable and abrasion resistant


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Roller roller Ø14x33cm ProRoll PR-1433 two-piece for massage

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