Smith's MPX-620-LTO-650-PL ATX® Multipress Gate | free loads


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Coupler gantry lift ATX-AD-MPX-LMO| ID: 6644 by ATX® | Image #1
Coupler gantry lift ATX-AD-MPX-LMO
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Rope ATX ® LTO-650-PL slow load | Power Rack Half Rack option| ID: 3422 by ATX® | Image #1
Rope ATX ® LTO-650-PL slow load | Power Rack Half Rack option
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Smith's MPX-620 ATX® Free Rack Gate | multigrip bar| ID: 3457 by ATX® | Image #1
Smith's MPX-620 ATX® Free Rack Gate | multigrip bar
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Model: ATX-MPX-620-LTO-650-PL

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Multifunctional training station Smith gate MPX-620-LTO-650-PL ATX® Multipress Plate Load .

Smith's MPX-620-LTO-650-PL ATX® Multipress Gate | sports equipment for intensive strength training in a home gym.

ATX® MPX-620-LTO-650-PL consists of :

The user has a reliable and universal strength center at his disposal, which will allow him to conduct comprehensive strength training.

Advantages | ATX-MPX-620
  • a training station with a Smith crane equipped with additional barbell holders, which significantly improve the functionality of the entire device
  • a stable structure that takes up the minimum necessary space - the depth is only 111 cm
  • the main frame structure is made of high quality steel with a 60 x 60 mm profile
  • high versatility and the ability to perform many exercises on one device (including expansion possibilities)
  • Smith's crane is equipped with a set of slide bearings that ensure smooth operation, even when fully loaded
  • the gantry guides are made of a full steel rod with a diameter of Ø25 mm, finished with a layer of chrome
  • a steel bar with a knurled grip surface is equipped with a set of safety hooks that allow the user to comfortably put down the training load without the need for third party assistance
  • The crane bar can be locked in 10 positions using the handles that are symmetrically arranged along the entire length of the crane travel
  • the width of the training window (gripping length of the bar) is 110 cm
  • additional grips for the bar for strength training are equipped with a solid rubber cover, which significantly eliminates the noise generated when putting down the bar. Additional bar holders can be attached along the entire length of the main frame in 25 positions
  • the permissible load is up to 250 kg
  • universal pull-up bar mounted on the upper bar
  • Smith's bar has a working part with a diameter of Ø30 mm (as standard). Possibility to equip the bar with load reducers, which will allow the use of Olympic weights with a diameter of Ø50 mm (additional option)
  • rubber trim that protects the floor from damage

Rope lift | ATX-LTO-650-PL
  • lift equipped with upper and lower hook
  • easy and convenient operation
  • direct weight ratio 1: 1
  • load-bearing spindle set is equipped with 4 bearings, and the whole system moves on steel bars (solid steel) with a diameter of Ø25 mm, which are protected with a layer of chrome coating
  • pulley blocks are equipped with ball bearings, which in combination with a set of pins for loads, provide very good operating properties - no jerks or wedging
  • A steel cord with a flexible weave and a black PVC coating
  • adjustable height lock for legs and knees
  • load spindles have a standard diameter of Ø30 mm. Possibility to install reducers up to the Olympic diameter of Ø50 mm. Olympic reducers - additional option.
  • permissible lift load 160 kg
  • rubber ends of steel profiles that protect the floor against damage
Smith's MPX-620-LTO-650-PL ATX® Multipress Gate | for slow loads, it has a class H certificate issued on the basis of the EN20957 I, II, IV standard.
Home sports equipment for strength training.

Technical data:

  • length: 139 cm
  • width: 200 cm
  • height: 215 cm
  • weight about 127 kg

Permissible loads:

  • total: 250 kg
  • gantry crane: 200 kg
  • bar holders: 250 kg
  • pull-up bar: 200 kg
  • lift 160 kg

The offer does not include weights, bars, benches and adapters.

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Smith's MPX-620-LTO-650-PL ATX® Multipress Gate | free loads

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