Spirit Fitness XT685 electric treadmill | 4.0KM | 0.8 - 20km / h


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Model: XT685

The Spirit Fitness XT685 treadmill is a model for avid runners.
What immediately catches the eye when you look at this treadmill is the extremely solid frame construction. The steel frame is very strong, which prevents the treadmill from vibrating during training. Additionally, the Spirit Fitness XT685 treadmill is not foldable, which also improves the stiffness of the support frame.

The Spirit Fitness XT685 treadmill offers the user a high top speed of 20 km / h and the ability to adjust the angle of inclination up to a maximum of 15%.

The most important parameters | benefits:

  • 4,0 HP DC electric motor for continuous operation
  • the maximum speed of the walking belt is 20 km / h
  • adjustment of the inclination angle of the running belt in the range from 0 to 15%
  • the running surface (dimensions of the running belt) is 152.5 x 56 cm
  • the permissible user weight is 150 kg

The spirit of innovation

As with other products, the main element is the user interface (console). Large liquid crystal displays are easy to read even at high speeds. The user is constantly informed about the training parameters, where the console and its systems measure, save, remember and display them.

Map of active muscles

It's important to understand which muscles get the most benefit from training . The LED lights up in three levels of commitment : green for minimum engagement , amber for medium engagement , and red for full engagement .

Music and air conditioning

Most consoles that are mounted in treadmills have a built-in audio system, which consists of stereo speakers and an MP3 music player . The consoles also have a built-in rotating fan that you can use as a source of cool air.

Target heart rate in%

Training based on heart rate control has turned out to be one of the best and most effective ways to reliably assess your progress . The displayed heart rate% profile allows you to quickly relate your % to the maximum predicted heart rate value. The orange LED means 50-60% , the green color is 65% to 80% and the red color is 85 % and above.

Easy control of the console functions.

Most Spirit Fitness treadmills have several ways to adjust the speed and climb. Each console has buttons built into the console to adjust the speed and change the angle of the lift. The user has either quick select buttons or standard + and - buttons. The speed can also be adjusted with the + / - button located on the right handlebar . The left handle allows you to change the tilt . There's even a button on the console that lets you turn off the steering wheel buttons.


Everything at your fingertips

All consoles in home treadmills have easy to read , bright, blue LCD screens . The hand pulse sensors are comfortably positioned in the correct and ergonomic position . A rotating fan ( found on all home treadmills ) is mounted in the center of the console to help keep you cool during your workout . We also have a water bottle holder, holders for easy access for your mobile or other device or player .

Technical data

  • treadmill dimensions (L x W x H): 198 x 81.3 x 142.2 cm
  • permissible load: 150 kg
  • weight about 126 kg

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Spirit Fitness XT685 electric treadmill | 4.0KM | 0.8 - 20km / h

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