Tunturi E60R recumbent bike | inductive| ID: 2353 by Tunturi | Image #1 klubfitness.pl
    Tunturi E60R recumbent bike | inductive| ID: 2353 by Tunturi | Image #1 klubfitness.pl
    Tunturi E60R recumbent bike | inductive| ID: 2353 by Tunturi | Image #2 klubfitness.pl

    Tunturi E60R recumbent bike | inductive

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    Model: E60R

    Intensive training, but with prudence and care for muscles and joints. This recumbent bike is easy and hassle-free to assemble and disassemble. A very strong and stable frame ensures the safety of the exercises.

    • The T-Ride ™ program offers a simulation of realistic outdoor training
    • Very low entrance
    • Strong and durable handles to maintain correct posture
    • Comfortable, ventilated backrest

    Pulse measurement via touch sensors
    The pulse measurement is performed by sensors that are mounted on the device handles. The operation of this measuring system is very simple. Just squeeze the sensors with both hands, wait a few seconds for the result to appear on the display.

    Wireless heart rate measurement
    This solution gives the user a lot of freedom and comfort during training. The device works with a telemetry belt equipped with a sensor system, with which it communicates wirelessly. The belt is put on the user's chest and after a few seconds the pulse measurement is displayed with high accuracy on the device console.

    HR heart rate control program
    T-Pulse ™ offers the user a reliable, intelligent and complete heart rhythm control program. T-Pulse ™ is a unique Tunturi concept that allows you to control your heartbeat. Automatic adjustment of the training intensity ensures that your pulse will not exceed the set limits. Configuring and changing settings is very simple and easy.

    Personal settings
    This function allows you to conduct a very precise training prepared for a specific user, who can freely modify his settings and save in the device's memory.

    Accurate display of calories and power
    In Tunturi devices equipped with the Ergo Meter function, the user receives a precisely calculated result of his exercises and can, on the basis of this, precisely analyze his progress.
    The Ergo Meter and Own Kcal functions are important and essential if the goal of your training is to lose weight and / or improve your condition.

    Graphical driving simulation
    T-Ride ™ is a training simulation and analysis software. When training with variable load, a graphical graph of the actual performance of the exerciser appears on the computer console. This program is motivating and forces the user to train with optimal parameters. T-Ride ™ was developed and patented by Tunturi.

    Motivating program
    A group of these programs is designed to conduct training with elements of motivation and competition. All measurements and analyzes take place automatically in all programs from the Fitness Test group. A personal fitness rating is calculated, analyzed and reported to the user, who can independently monitor training progress. The evaluation is given in the form of messages: "good", "excellent".

    Computer functions:

    • 7 "graphic color display
    • measurement of training parameters: time, distance, speed, RPM, energy expenditure, power, pulse
    • 10 predefined programs
    • 20 user programs
    • 5 T-Ride ™ programs
    • 5 HRC programs
    • 1 manual program
    • 1 fitness test program
    • registration for 8 users
    • pulse measurement: touch sensors, telemetry belt

    Technical data:

    • inductive braking system
    • horizontal seat adjustment + backrest height
    • steering wheel tilt adjustment
    • flywheel weight: 14 kg
    • permissible load: 135 kg
    • dimensions (L x W x H): 171 x 70 x 117 cm
    • weight: about 60 kg

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