Tunturi T30 treadmill | 2.5KM | 0.8-18km / h


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Model: T30

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The perfect treadmill when you start training with a weight loss program. The new console offers many training programs, including incentive programs.
  • the soft-drop system facilitates folding and unfolding
  • HRC heart control systems

Unique and comfortable ways to cushion the running surface in treadmills Treadmills are equipped with high-quality orthopedic belts recommended by physiotherapists. Modern methods of cushioning the entire running belt in combination with an orthopedic belt provide the user with great safety and protect muscles and joints from injury.

Pulse measurement via touch sensors
The pulse measurement is performed by sensors that are mounted on the device handles. The operation of this measuring system is very simple. Just squeeze the sensors with both hands, wait a few seconds for the result to appear on the display.

Wireless heart rate measurement
This solution gives the user a lot of freedom and comfort during training. The device works with a telemetry belt equipped with a sensor system, with which it communicates wirelessly. The belt is put on the user's chest and after a few seconds the pulse measurement is displayed with high accuracy on the device console. The use of the belt allows you to carry out continuous measurements throughout the entire training session.

HR heart rate control program
T-Pulse ™ offers the user a reliable, intelligent and complete heart rhythm control program. T-Pulse ™ is a unique Tunturi concept that allows you to control your heartbeat. Automatic adjustment of the training intensity ensures that your pulse will not exceed the set limits.

Personal settings
Tunturi allows you to prepare an individual training. This function allows you to conduct a very precise training prepared for a specific user, who can freely modify his settings and save in the device's memory.

Ability to change the intensity and duration of training
Tunturi offers a wide selection of pre-programmed programs and training options. The programs are tailored to the needs and requirements of the user. Each program can be adapted to the needs and wishes of the user with T-Scale ™ and validated at the touch of a button. After finishing the exercises, the program can be changed freely and it depends only on the user. T-Scale ™ offers virtually unlimited choice. The program can be easily and conveniently adjusted and adapted all the time, even during training without interrupting exercise. Time and / or distance can also be changed in the programs.

Pro-active program for the training treadmill
This intelligent program automatically controls the speed of the walking belt and dynamically adjusts its speed to the user's requirements. The program responds to the user's walking / running speed and sets the appropriate speed of the walking belt itself. This means the treadmill will automatically decrease in speed if you run at the end of the walking belt. The treadmill will of course speed up when the user is running at the beginning of the lane. In other words: a safe, but above all very efficient solution for your daily training.

Computer functions:
  • LED display
  • measurement of training parameters: time, distance, speed, energy expenditure, climb, pulse
  • 5 predefined programs
  • 3 user programs
  • 3 HRC programs
  • 1 manual program
  • 1 Quick start program
  • PSC function
  • pulse measurement: touch sensors, telemetry belt
Technical data:
  • DC motor, power: 2.5KM
  • speed: 0.8 - 18.0 km / h | adjustment every 0.1 km / h
  • rise: 0 - 12% | regulation by 1%
  • belt depreciation system
  • transport wheels
  • speed adjustment buttons built into the handles
  • Rise angle adjustment buttons built into the handles
  • folding function with safe soft-drop system
  • running belt dimensions (length x width): 150 x 51 cm
  • permissible load: 135 kg
  • dimensions (L x W x H): 193 x 91 x 140 cm
  • dimensions after folding (L x W x H): 93 x 91 x 181 cm
  • weight: about 102 kg

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Tunturi T30 treadmill | 2.5KM | 0.8-18km / h

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