Training Cage PRX-710-LTO-510 ATX® Plate Load | height 198cm


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Cableway ATX® LTO-510 Plate Load | on slow loads| ID: 3419 by ATX® | Image #1
Cableway ATX® LTO-510 Plate Load | on slow loads
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ATX® FDSS-70 Safety Props for beams | Flip Down Spotter 7/70| ID: 5777 by ATX® | Image #1
ATX® FDSS-70 Safety Props for beams | Flip Down Spotter 7/70
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ATX® PRX-710-CFG training cage | Modular Power Rack System| ID: 6485 by ATX® | Image #1
ATX® PRX-710-CFG training cage | Modular Power Rack System
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Model: ATX-PRX-710-LTO-510

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Training Cage PRX-710-LTO-510 ATX® Plate Load | height 198 cm

consists of the:

Training Cage PRX-710-LTO-510 ATX® Plate Load | is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and certified in accordance with EN 20957 I.II.IV in class S. Professional sports equipment for strength training.
ATX® Power Rack PRX-710-CFG

The smallest training cage in the family of professional ATX® cages. Nevertheless, it's the training station has the best design properties in this class, as the permissible load is as much as 800 kg.

The Power Rack offers high load capacity, first-class workmanship, maximum safety and excellent functionality. A training cage with a unique structure signed with the ATX® logo with the maximum strength value is characterized by a price unique in this class compared to its performance!
The PRX-710-CFG has a compact footprint and a very low height of 195 cm, which makes this model particularly sought after in low-ceiling applications. Additionally, the Power Rack is equipped with:
  • a pair of massive 10mm J-hooks with 10mm rubber buffers to protect the barbell.

  • a pair of safety supports

  • pull-up bar with multi-functional grips with a grip diameter of ∅27 mm

The vertical structural poles of the Power Rack cage have holes (29 holes) with permanent numerals on the inside and outside, enabling accurate and quick positioning of J-hooks and safety supports at the correct height. Additional perforations in the floor beams allow the installation of training pins with power band resistance tapes. Rubberized feet protect the floor and prevent the whole structure from sliding on the floor.


  • 195 cm high compact design, ideal for rooms with low ceilings

  • resistant to torsional forces even when fully loaded

  • stable structure made of 70 x 70 x 2 mm steel profiles with reinforced gusset plates

  • permissible total load - up to 800 kg

  • 29-fold perforation of vertical posts with position scaling for precise and quick positioning of J-hooks and safety supports

  • J-hooks for barbells as standard equipment

  • J-hook hooks are made of a 10 mm thick steel profile with 10 mm thick rubber bumpers that protect the barbell and minimize noise

  • safety supports as standard equipment

  • Safety Spotter safety props with a reinforced structure and a layer of protective rubber

  • Multi Grip Ø27 mm chin-up bar with multi-functional grips and a Fat Bar ∅42.5 mm grip

  • the lower structural beams have perforations that will allow the installation of pins for attaching power band resistance tapes

  • rubber ends of steel profiles that protect the floor against damage

  • possibility of extension with additional equipment

ATX-LTO-510 | rope hoist for free loads

Despite its simple structure, the device is very durable and can be loaded with a weight of up to 140 kg! The direct weight ratio of 1: 1 causes that the lift does not have the effect of "mass inertia", and the assumed mass is felt from the very beginning.

Exercises can be performed on the upper and lower pulley without the need to change settings or use additional tools. The load-bearing spigot trolley slides along the chrome-plated square profile. All pulleys have ball bearings and the plastic-coated steel cables do not stretch for smooth and smooth operation.

The lift is equipped with two steel plates to block the feet, during exercises - sit rowing. The basic equipment of the lift is dedicated to work with loads with an internal diameter above ∅30 mm. The manufacturer also provided for the possibility of using Olympic weights with an internal diameter greater than ∅50 mm, but this option requires the use of adapters, which must be purchased additionally (item no .: BB-OA-250-PVC).
the lift mounted on training cages moves on the guide using a system of cables and ball-bearing pulleys. The steel cable has a protective armor made of plastic. a system of cables and pulleys ensures quiet and smooth operation without blocking or jerking. the extractor has two spindles with a diameter of ø30 mm with the possibility of connecting a reducer for loads with a diameter of ø50 mm the length of the load pin is 21.5 cm permissible lift load 140 kg load ratio 1: 1

Technical data:

length: 174.5 cm width: 123 cm height: 198 cm permissible load of the Power Rack: 800 kg permissible rope hoist load: 140 kg weight about 107 kg

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Training Cage PRX-710-LTO-510 ATX® Plate Load | height 198cm

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