ARUN100 EvoCardio Air Runner Curved crossfit treadmill | profiled


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model: AIR RUNNER | ARUN100

Professional crossfit treadmill ARUN100 EvoCardio Air Runner Curved for endurance exercises in commercial gyms. The treadmill takes the user to an unprecedented level of running, where the comparison with free running in the open air is very close.

ARUN100 EvoCardio Air Runner Curved crossfit treadmill | is a commercial motorless treadmill designed for athletes to sprint with maximum performance. The curved running platform of the treadmill guarantees natural movement. The treadmill features an LCD monitor to measure distance, time, calories and heart rate.

The treadmill does not have an electric motor, the belt is driven by the strength of the leg muscles that keep the running belt rotor moving. The speed of the walking belt is virtually unlimited. Acceleration and blunt change are completely natural.

People who were not completely satisfied with running on an electric treadmill were convinced by the curved design of the Curved.

Instead of a standard belt, the treadmill has non-connected retreaded slats, and the extra-wide running surface, multi-functional grip frame and adjustable resistance in 8 levels allow for ambitious crossfit training at the highest level.

Advantages | ARUN100 EvoCardio Air Runner Curved crossfit treadmill:

  • no electric motor, driven only by the user
  • durable and durable retreaded slats for optimal ergonomics
  • unlimited speed
  • 8 levels of resistance adjustment
  • magnetic resistance system
  • naturally controlled change of pace speed
  • 30% more consumption of calories burned at the same distance and pace as in treadmills powered by an electric motor
  • the treadmill is practically maintenance-free

Technical data:

  • motor: none, leg muscles drive
  • speed: unlimited - depends on the person exercising
  • resistance adjustment: 8 levels
  • shock absorption system: profiled damping strips
  • retreaded and profiled damping plates
  • Tread dimensions (L x W): 170 x 47.5 cm
  • dimensions (L x W x H): 171 x 96 x 171 cm
  • permissible user weight: 180 kg
  • weight approx | 190 kg

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ARUN100 EvoCardio Air Runner Curved crossfit treadmill | profiled

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